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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

Wise People is the human face of digital products

Digital products are created for the benefit of mankind, which is why at Wise People we make sure that they keep their human face. They have to be graphically refined and pleasant to use for the person ordering them and for the end recipient.

When others carry out assignments,
Wise People solve problems

It is wise
to go digital

We simplify the complicated

We even build complex websites, applications, shops according to a simple formula::

  • we help with setting your business goals achievable with a digital product,
  • we check what the target group in your industry pays attention to,
  • we take WordPress and we add a pinch of creativity and elegance to it.

We grow because our customers grow

The entire team has an impact on the final customer product – your product. All people are focused on finding a solution that will meet the needs of your recipients.

We have been working on this approach for 10 years and from customer feedback it appears that focusing on the needs of end users translates into improved business performance of brands.

Our values are Wise

Transparency, trust and constructive communication

We set ourselves a goal maintaining standards and high-quality services. We do not only care about completing an order, but we care so that everything is sewed up.

Experiment, lose and learn from your mistakes

Fortunately, we do all of these things at the planning stage, before your project goes into general use.

People are at the heart of everything we do

B2B, B2C are ultimately H2H – Human to Human.

It is wise
to be unusual

We help “wisely”

There are many options and without smart preparation it is difficult to choose what is right for your business. Therefore, any digital product is designed in a specially arranged creative process.

We create wise standards

We want digital services to be available to everyone. Our accessibility testers are people with disabilities for whom WCAG standards have been developed.

We counteract exclusion

We train and create jobs tailored to candidates taking their first steps in the IT industry.

We operate locally

We support development programs such as the WORK-ON initiated by us or the Bydgoszcz-based Hackaton organized by the Bydgoszcz IT Cluster.

We stand behind people

Through regular collections, we support medical staff in the fight against COVID, shelters, and the treatment of children and people with disabilities.

What do the numbers say?

Years on the market
People working with us on a permanent basis
Projects completed with great success
Customers and agencies that decided to stay with us for longer

They thought big with us

Franciszek B. Georgiew

CEO, Tigers.pl

“Engaged, responsible, and operationally swift.”

Engaged, responsible, and operationally swift. The team of Wise People went above and beyond when it comes to building our new website. We are looking forward to new projects for us and for our clients.

Websites – our projects and implementations