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ArchVizArtist.com – an award-winning platform for the community of 3D designers

The implementation for Arch Viz Artist was a challenge of special genre weight. We knew that the launch of the new site, or rather platform (I’ll move on to that in a moment), would be evaluated by both: very conscious, demanding clients and – hundreds, thousands of 2D/3D designers that form a unique, international community. And, at Wise People, we like challenges 🙂

3D for real artists

  • Arch Viz Art is an international community of 3D designers.
  • The AVA community includes a group of 137,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel, 60,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000 fans of the Facebook page.
  • Thanks to the offer of  Arch Viz Artist you can take premium courses online, follow the work of other artists or find work with their partners.
  • AVA supports the development of designers, integrates the community and – although it is a project created by a Polish couple – communicates 100% in English.

Where did our collaboration start?

Agnieszka and Adam – the founders of the brand – gathered a powerful community of 3D designers from all over the world. No wonder – from the beginning, the tutorials on the nuances of 3D design were prepared with the highest quality in mind. Plus they are in English. The result? On the Arch Viz Artist YouTube channel, more than a dozen videos have already exceeded the threshold of 100,000 views (the others are very close to this result, and the 3 most popular ones are about to cross the barrier of 300,000).

Let’s remember that we are talking about a very specific niche. From this perspective, the total number of more than 9.3 million views, out of 194 videos added since February 2020, is impressive. However, the Polish couple, who run the company and communicate entirely in English, were aware that it was time to take the next step in monetizing the recognition and the trust of the community.

With AVA, we went through several stages of our design offer. From the initial consultation and creative Discovery workshops, through the rebranding work, to the complex design and implementation of the website.

From the beginning, it was clear that the Arch Viz Art website had to be as impressive as their polished tutorials or books marked with their trade name. At the same time, there was a plan to create a multifunctional platform rather than a mere “hallmark”.  There was no shortage of great ideas in the minds of AVA’s founders, so our holistic involvement became a natural complement to the ambition of standing out from the global competition.

The project for AVA proved to be an extremely interesting challenge on both UX and UI design grounds. The site, which is used (and evaluated with the expert eye) by designers from all over the world, requires attention to the smallest details. With thoughtful animations – among other things – we succeeded in capturing the “vibe” of the AVA community, and at the same time we created user paths for greater conversion – that is, shopping in the store, adding their own achievements, etc.

Przemysław Zagził, UX/UI Designer at Wise People

This is NOT an ordinary website

In order to harmonize all of Arch Viz Artist business and image goals, we needed a complex design that would remain legible, yet implemented with a dynamic performance and technological reliability.

The primary function of archvizartist.com is the role of a platform for presenting and selling premium courses.

Each AVA course is comprehensively presented on a separate sub-page, but the user is constantly accompanied by a shopping cart. The original bundles module we built, is used to get discounts for simultaneous purchasing of more than one course – the discount is calculated automatically. The site uses Stripe Payment and Kajabi systems, but users stay in the archvizartist.com domain all the time, without leaving the site.

Łukasz Krawczyk, Front-End Developer Wise People

However, our website for Arch Viz Artist fulfils many other tasks, including:

  • AVA book and accessories store,
  • a specialized blog on AI, animation, post-production or software,
  • a space for the community – the registered users can easily add their own works (showcases),
  • promotion of the AVA Awards 2023 competition with a total prize pool of more than $103,000,
  • platforms with job opportunities for 3D designers.

Every element of a business, and what follows of a website, serves one purpose: to help the user become a complete, fully developed artist. And we have made sure that this becomes possible not only by a thoughtful architecture of content and sales funnels, but also by a user path that is visually striking and builds strong branding.

#1 Public Choice Website at WaysConf Awards 2023!

If you design in 3D, the AVA website is for you. Hang on… in fact, It is possible that you already know it, as well as the YouTube channel or profile on Instagram.

Or, maybe, Arch Viz Artist is a project from a completely different area than yours. So, what can you take out from this case? First of all, confidence that a website can and should integrate your branding and sales efforts. That, in terms of present-day technology “only the sky is the limit.” That Wise People can create for you a visual identity and a site that is juxtaposed by users with the site of… Apple. And, seriously, we don’t mind this comparison 🙂

We keep our fingers crossed for the founders of Arch Viz Artist and confidently recommend their expertise, ingenuity, quality. We are also totally impressed by the creativity of the AVA community from around the world.

And, we are indeed very proud to have played an important role in AVA’s journey to increase their recognition and sales. We are also happy with the reception of our work, which was recognized by the audience of the WaysConf Awards 2023. The award, given at the largest design conference in Central and Eastern Europe, is a confirmation for us that we have done a very good job.

Our cooperation evolved over few months – over time we implemented even more interesting functionalities. I’m glad that the website created by Wise People is dynamic, refined in design and meets our marketing objectives. And the requirements must be high, because we are creating a global community – from Asia and Australia, through Europe and Africa, to both Americas.

Adam Klich, Co-Founder Arch Viz Artist