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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

How to create a good website?

We have one answer to every question about developing a website: the creative process is the key.

You can’t just sit back and plan how your new website will look like.

A business website must meet certain guidelines, e.g. colors should be industry-specific. You shouldn’t choose them according to your own imagination.

Like everything else, website are subject to trends. From 2020, in order to be up-to-date, something has to move on the website because it nothing moves the user may think that the website is not working.

More and more often, instead of using a computer or laptop, we browse websites on mobile devices. Therefore, responsiveness is slowly not enough,the creative team should design the website separately for mobile and desktop devices.

What is design for us?

How do we work on design at Wise People?


Before we start designing, we check the current trends in your industry. We get to know your company and, based on business goals, we jointly choose the direction of work.

We believe that a brief is not enough to make a good website, so we recommend participating in Discovery, UX or Design Sprint workshops.

3 hours are enough for us to make initial sketches and show you a moodboard full of inspiring examples.


It’s quite obvious that it is difficult to imagine what your new website will look like, even if we show you sketches with the arrangement of individual elements. That’s why at Wise People we start by designing 1 page of your choice, e.g. a home page, that will look identical to the target page once it’s published on the Internet.

The prototype will not be available to the public yet, but you will be able to test it and show it to everyone who is involved in the web development process.

Ready product

Before the design is ready, we will definitely meet at least a few times. We will design other subpages and refine the most important one. Trust us that we can see every imperfection.

We hand over the finished website design to programmers so that they can continue to do their magic.

Websites – our projects and implementations