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Sharebee.pl – bzzz, look how they buzz!

Although Winnie the Pooh used to say that you never can tell with bees, our experience is completely different. Sharebee is a team whose hive is teeming with good ideas. What’s in it for us? Well, it is milk and honey when the partners are open, share a valuable content, and the project moves forward. Then why don’t we just tell you about it?

Sharebee turns employees into brand ambassadors

  • Sharebee specializes in social selling and employee advocacy – the activities that make a brand build its image and sales by engaging its employees in the social media.
  • The distinguishing features of the company are: its platform for managing and analyzing the content for the ambassadors and, above all, the team of specialists who build customer relationships.
  • Sharebee offers, among other things, content creation, boss branding support or workshops on running a profile on LinkedIn.
  • Its clients include brands such as: Samsung, Bosch, Pekao, Santander, Orange, DB Schenker and Heineken.

What was the starting point?

When we met Sharebee at the Discovery workshop, the company had a website to promote its unique platform, the first one like this on the Polish market. The problem was that the brand communication was unclear – a potential customer might simply not have been aware of the wide range of services available, what exactly they consisted of, who was behind the project, what could be gained from the cooperation, etc. Therefore, the decision to rebrand and commission a new site was a natural step towards necessary changes.

As the main goal of the project, we focused on increasing their credibility by, among other things, emphasizing the role of the team behind the Sharebee brand. There are specific people who build the Sharebee brand. There are specific people who take care of support and customer relations. We were successful because we created a functional, legible site, with a wow effect, tough – the one that generates leads, and is consistent with the overall notion built by the brand.

Katarzyna Balcerzak, Project Manager at Wise People

The company decided to entrust us with the design and the development of a new website, although an earlier rebranding had been carried out by another agency. Therefore, the framework of visual identity we were to design was clear, and we also knew what content there was to convey. As Sharebee is planning to expand onto foreign markets, it was essential to combine a clear and user-friendly formula, with a design that would evoke an enthusiastic user response, at first glance.

It’s always an interesting challenge when we get a client with some market experience, with a developed brand concept, with an idea for communication. Here, one cool team met the other cool team. Professionals with professionals. So, we were able to rely on each other’s experience and a similar outlook on business, branding, relationships.

Katarzyna Balcerzak, Project Manager at Wise People

During the Discovery Workshop, together we worked through:

  • the proposed values,
  • the problems and needs of the target group,
  • the potential architecture of the site.

A successful work during the workshop proved that our common efforts made sense, and as a result, Sharebee gave our team a go. From that point, we aimed to make the launch of the new site coincide with the revealing of “the new face” of Sharebee – a company that knows exactly how to help other organizations build their image, and so… it communicates at the highest level itself.

Design – hand in hand with rebranding

The new face of the Sharebee brand is the work of the Kommunikat studio (cheers guys!). Its specialists developed the visual identity of the brand and the communication standards, which were included in the brandbook. This, in turn, became a kind of a guide for our design work.

Sharebee wanted an intriguing effect, which we decided to express, for example, with the micro-animations or a distinct style of individual sections.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UX/UI Designer Wise People

To present the team behind the Sharebee brand, we focused on using a number of photos from their polished photoshoot. The images are full of warmth and humour, even memes – they inform perfectly about the authentic nature of the team, and the people who make it.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UX/UI Designer Wise People

The look that goes with functionality

The Sharebee website has many functions, therefore, it is rich in content. Not only is it a trademark for the brand, but it is also supposed to promote events or webinars, and to work as a knowledge base, or a source for acquiring leads, through newsletters and free e-books.

All these are elements must be taken into account by the developers responsible for preparing the site, which ultimately has to be simple, intuitive to use. Moreover, it has to be quick, secure and it should reflect the ideas behind the design in an attractive way.

When implementing the site, among other things, I couldn’t forget about the integrations with the API, optimal scaling of the numerous images on different media, or proper animation of the elements.

Jakub Topoliński, Front-End Developer at Wise People

Among some interesting solutions used on the Sharebee homepage, the highlights are:

  • modern scrolljacking of the section which presents the functionality of the platform for the ambassadors,
  • parallax which gives additional dynamics and power to the photographs used in the “expert support” section.

From my perspective, it was twice as interesting a challenge, because in addition to the demanding goals of the project, I had the opportunity to use the Tailwind CSS framework for the first time, which is another time-saving, time-optimizing tool for my work.

Jakub Topoliński, Front-End Developer at Wise People


The Sharebee new website debuted online on May 23 – as a part of the “new opening”, a natural follow-up of company rebranding. One of their slogans says: “If you want to reach thousands of ears, start talking with hundreds of mouths.” We strongly believe that the sharebee.pl website, designed and coded by the Wise People team, will allow the brand to “pollinate” 🙂 a great number of well-known brands, which will be keen on taking advantage of the potential of employee advocacy and social selling.

This is an example of a project that was a real pleasure to manage. We felt that we were creating a site that shows the real, positive face of a company that shares values similar to ours – because for us, B2B is in fact Human2Human.

Katarzyna Balcerzak, Project Manager at Wise People

I strongly and unreservedly recommend Wise People. They do a great job, they are a true partner, they deliver what they promise.

Marcin Sokołowski, CEO of Sharebee

A good start of the project was a workshop where we analyzed the existing communication and what we needed. The cooperation was honest and clear, with mutual commitment and understanding. The website we have now is easy to edit for non-technical people, and it is very consistent with our branding. If I can give some advice to other companies – take it seriously, set some time aside for content polishing, team meetings and feedback. With frequent iterations, the work will go smoothly for both parties. The result will definitely be rewarding. The Wise People team takes care of every stage of the project, keeps its hand on the pulse. Doing a new website does not have to be nerve-wracking at all! 🙂

Sylwia Chmielewska, Marketing Manager Sharebee