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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

Everything is already arranged, designed, approved, so you can code

The development consists in converting the graphic mock-ups and the prototype into code enabling the implementation of the product into the customer business practice. Individual parts are tested with users and tested for safety and compliance with design assumptions. After successfully passing the tests, the software parts are deployed to the end environment.

What is development for us?

How do we work at the coding stage?


Coding is usually the last stage of the creative process, but as we mentioned above, you can request us to implement a finished project/sketch.


Before we publish your website on the Internet, we develop and test it in a test environment that you will have access to. This means that you will be able to click trough the website before we finish the work.

Ready product

We know that despite the simple operation, WordPress can be problematic at first, so we have prepared a proprietary WordPress admin dashboard that takes into account our unique modifications. According to the opinions of existing customers, “the changes introduced by us make the use of WordPress more pleasant”.