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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

We mixed the best planning tools and created a custom creative process, thanks to which we will jointly design the experiences of your customers, in line with the trends applicable in your industry.

What is UX strategy for us?

How do we work on the UX strategy at Wise People?


Workshops with your brand are the most important element of the creative process. Even very detailed documentation is not enough to find what will be of value for your recipients in your case. It is very possible that you will look at your company differently after the workshop. A representative of your brand must be present in the process. The more he/she knows about the company, the better.


During the workshops, we develop personas, prepare mapping of user activities and discuss the business side of the project. The result is a prototype in the form of a sketch, i.e. wireframe and the graphic tone that we are to give to the project at the design stage.

Ready product

After tests, changes, adjustments by our specialists and your approval, the designers get to work and turn the jointly developed sketch into a so-called higher accuracy mock-up – i.e. the target graphic design.