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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

OFE – Open Standards in IT. Think Tank gains a new look.


The Challenge

Have you heard that the value of open source software in European Union takes over the value of air and land transportation altogether? A single boost into the investment in open source by 10% would bring Europe 100 billion Euro.

Since 2002, Open Forum Europe has been researching this and similar dependencies between innovation, competition, economical growth, and investment in open standards in IT.

Holding a broad range of reports, publications, and scientific presentations, Open Forum Europe wanted to be heard by business ecosystem. The point was that their website didn’t communicate the readiness to start a dialogue with business.

The challenges we faced:

  1. Website design was to be contemporary and correspond with the serious work OFE has been delivering over the years.
  2. Users visiting the site were to be exposed to information about events regularly organised by OFE. At the same time, marketers should easily edit all content across the website.

The Approach

We approached the project in the following way:

  • We started with getting to know the needs of the client. Diving deep into the needs and expectations made it possible for us to create an information map of the new website.
  • To catch the style of the website that would suit the client and their target grup, we prepared a board of inspirations (moodboard).
  • Based on the moodpboard, we created a proposal for the main page, the style of which, after client’s approval, was transferred to the rest of the subpages.
  • We built a dedicated WordPress template and coded the website. After OFE accepted the project, we could replace the old site with the brand new one.
  • Currently, we’re supporting the further development of the site.

Results for the Open Forum Europe new website

A responsive website that demonstrates high level of OFE engagement and activities.

  • A WordPress-based site, made with an individually designed site template.
  • All events are available for the visitors without scrolling both on desktops and mobile devices.
  • One can easily browse through available events based on dates and keywords.
  • A separate subpage comprises both Open Forum Europe experts profiles and their publications.
  • Subtle animations add dynamics to the site without hurting its performance.
  • Site accessibility reaches 91% according to Google Lighthouse report.
  • The site uses best programming practices according to Google.