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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

Scalac.io – Hungry to go international. A new website for a Scala software house


The Challenge

ScalaC came to life on 2014 to help companies willing to scale quickly but struggling to keep up with growing their technical teams. ScalaC started with projects based on Scala language and then developed towards other competencies such as front end development, DevOps, quality assurance and project management. Such a vertical alignment made it possible to grow the portfolio of used technologies as well.

ScalaC’s dynamic growth made an impact on the company’s website. Growing service portfolio, as well as the knowledge and resource base followed by kicking into the American market kept the marketing team busy with adding new service subpages and sections within the website. It turned out with time that the website’s architecture and engine could not keep up with the pace the company’s marketing needed

The challenges we faced in this project:

  1. Limited flexibility of the site’s structure handicapped the potential to use the website as ScalaC’s main marketing channel.
  2. Difficult server management and poor support from the hosting provider.
  3. Previous process of working with an external agency that didn’t benefit the development of the website.
  4. High expectations towards communication from a team disappointed by their previous agency.

Being a software team, ScalaC had a proven way of delivering client’s projects. However, working on their website requires an approach with much more focus on workshops and creation. Winning ScalaC to trust us on our process turned out quite a challenge.


The Approach

We started with taking over the previous agency.

  • Our collaboration started pragmatically with developing some of the new subpages for the existing website.
  • Then, we introduced our creative process workshops to ScalaC’s CEO, Marketing Manager, and Project Manager.
  • Once the Client gained trust for our team and our process, we reached the moment to decide about rewriting the website not to block its further development. We also changed the server environment to one that supported quicker reach to US clients in particular states. 
  • In the next step, we created a dedicated page template based on WordPress and our own solutions.
  • Currently, we’re supporting the further development and improvement of ScalaC’s website.
Wise People about the project

Robert Szarata

CEO, Wise People

Long-distance relationship is always a challenge. With time, the collaboration tends to come across difficult moments and the affection itself fades a bit. I can proudly say that these don’t happen between us and the clients we support with website development. ScalaC is our appreciated partner.

Results for ScalaC website

Fast and responsive website exposing a rich portfolio of ScalaC projects. 

  • Website built on WordPress engine and individually designed layout.
  • Unique animations written in ScrollMagic with the use of Custom CSS and JS.
  • We created a site generator to help ScalaC marketers add new pages similarly to building Lego blocks – in all possible orders and layouts.
  • The site is now hosted on Digital Ocean which makes server management a fairy tale.
  • A ScalaC Junior Designer has been involved in the creative process which makes designing new subpages swiftly.
  • Dedicated Wise Support updates the site and its significant parameters on a regular basis.