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A strong cider with a rock flair and its rapid entry to the market.

What did the Wild Rock Cider brand need?

The challenge

During the first workshop, it turned out that the customer had already prepared the preliminary label designs and colors. We had to fit ourselves into it, propose a unified style and present it on moodboards. The production line was ready. The website was the missing link to advertise the cider and release it to the market.

On the one hand, ready-made materials with a limited time for the project were a great help. On the other hand, we had to go into a partially finished project and adapt our way of presenting the product to it.

Understanding and presenting the brand was very important. The website was supposed to have little content, but the copy had to be specific, direct and “point-to-point” and due to time constraints we only had one meeting for it. Getting to know the customer in depth was very important, and this was made even more difficult.

Key assumptions:

  • Wild Rock Cider has to be introduced to the market very quickly – creating a landing page for the product.
  • The website should be simple, concise, engaging and consistent with the product.
  • The website is to have non-standard animations.

One of the main challenges was to organise the materials that the customer already had and figure out how we can use them.

How we approached the issue

The approach

In this project, the time and the tone of the website were essential. The product was already scheduled to start production, and before it was released to the market, there was no information that such a thing even existed.

We started our work by collecting and organizing all the materials available from the customer. This helped us to better understand the common requirements and align them with our concepts.

We implemented the project in the following steps:

  • Analysis of customer needs, getting to know the brand and materials that already existed.
  • Development of a new landing page and coherent texts based on developed moodboards.
  • Coding, testing, a series of changes and fixes – testing animations that were limited by the budget.
  • Transfer of files to the customer’s server.
  • Connecting the domain and website release – we advised the customer on which server to choose, we helped with the purchase and selection of the domain.

There was no time to prototype the site. The copy was also created on an ongoing basis. We have built all brand communication practically on the first try.

Results for Wild Rock Cider

The lively and fresh as cider website presenting the newest child of DrinkID – strong Wild Rock Cider

  • Website based on the WordPress engine and template individually designed by Wise People.
  • Energetic website design tailored to the graphic materials developed by the customer (e.g. can design).
  • Extensive animations showing the madness and feistiness of the product.
  • The project is carried out at a crazy pace so the production cycle is not disturbed.