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Gamp.pl – fast, clear website for lead generation

When a company has multiple specializations, and thus clients from different industries, it needs a versatile, reliable tool for getting leads, as well as strengthening its image. IT outsourcing, installation and software specialists GAMP trusted us with the development of their website project. The finished site fully addressed the business needs and objectives of the project.

Concrete? Here you go. GAMP needed a site with very high performance and stably fast performance. A tool convenient for marketers – that is, a site that can be expanded with more sections, sub-pages or content without knowing the code. Include in sales and marketing activities.

Our refined template based on modules is a universal machine, which does not cause difficulties for non-technical administrators, and at the same time allows you to effectively attract leads, create new language versions for foreign sales or implement further integrations and functionalities over time.

A wide offer requires the right structure

  • GAMP has been supporting business as a technology partner for 25 years.
  • The company’s main areas of activity include IT support, electrical and teletechnical installations, software development and systems for manufacturing.
  • The engineering team specializes in comprehensive customer service – the company is a certified partner of Microsoft and Fujitsu, among others.
  • GAMP integrates and develops IT systems and dedicated software, so it responds to the individual needs of its clients.

Need to convert from website

A website that, many years after its creation, has lost the necessary freshness. A site devoid of an effective contact form, a site that does not clearly convey the comprehensive offerings of a company that actually has many strengths worth displaying.

Sound familiar?

GAMP had a strong conviction that it was time for a change, reflected in a design that had been reworked in-house. What was needed was an effective implementation – and that’s what we associated the team with, including through the implementation for Tigers, which you can read about in this case study.

Already at the consultation and estimation stage of the project, we developed a common perspective and direction. Unlike other companies initially considered, we simply (because it’s really simple) listened and proposed solutions, without focusing solely on cost estimation. The clock was ticking, so we moved on to implementation.

I was given a well-prepared, consistent design to code. Communication was seamless, and we moved quickly through the implementation steps. I am glad that I had the opportunity to propose and code my own GSAP animation for the site. We also took care of all the nuances affecting page speed parameters, including lazyloading, loading only the required scripts and styles (a hallmark of our proprietary template), delaying the loading of analytics scripts, optimizing images, etc.

Marcin Lis, Front-End Developer Wise People

Visible, structured, dynamic B2B company website

The launch of the new GAMP website means:

  • a new contact form on the site for generating leads,
  • a clean, organized structure for broad B2B offerings,
  • consistency of site design with social media content,
  • ease of self-expansion of the site with additional sections and content,
  • consistently high page speed scores, or page speed, which affects user satisfaction and search engine positioning effectiveness.

From the first contact, we felt very taken care of – both on the content and technology side. I highly recommend the Wise People team – committed, helpful, proactive. From my perspective, a fast and reliable website is the starting point for effective communication, sales, marketing.

Paula Dokowicz, Marketing Specialist GAMP

We get involved in every project so that we can hear similar words when it is completed. Get back to us if you notice similar problems to GAMP at your company and, like GAMP, want to improve your company’s sales, image and online performance.