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Nav24.pl – how did we adapt rebranding into design and website implementation?

The implementation of the website for Nav24.pl is a model example of cooperation in which the starting point is rebranding. All processes have been carried out in a close consultation with the client and in accordance with the new visual brand identity. In this project we have had the opportunity to demonstrate great flexibility and at the same time – design and technological competences. Learn about the key stages of the process, which has brought a really cool result.

Nav24 – rebranding as a starting point

●     Nav24 was founded in 2013 and over a decade its small team has grown to include dozens of people.

●     The brand has specialized in the implementation of ERP systems and business applications that support development in the area of finance, projects or production.

●     The main product that Nav24 offers its customers is Microsoft 365 Business Central environment.

●     The quality of services has been confirmed by Microsoft Gold Partner Certificate in the ERP area.

Quality – this is the key word that guided the project we carried out. During the workshop, together with Nav24, we developed a list of 7 core values of the company, but it was the quality of the product and the quality of customer service that were considered to be most important.

Paweł Czerwonik, Project Manager of Wise People

At the time of establishing cooperation with us, Nav24 was undergoing a rebranding process commissioned by Symbol Studio. The main goal of the comprehensive changes was the creation of such visuals and content that would reassure potential customers that they were dealing with a reliable, credible and  modern company. For the target group, the investment in the ERP system and the other solutions offered by Nav24, are supposed to lead to financial profits and optimization of operations within the organization.

After the workshop, we already knew that we had to work on both: implementation of the elements that had been rebranded and recommendation of valuable solutions for the architecture of the site.

Paweł Czerwonik, Project Manager of Wise People

Site design that manifests quality

Thanks to the rebranding carried out by Symbol Studio, the client came to us with specific guidelines. The indications included typography, colour scheme, composition and shapes.

Primarily, branding is an idea – a concept that informs about a brand. The assumptions given to us, provided us with the basis for design work and they left some room for introducing our own solutions. In addition, we already knew what was accepted and expected by Nav24, and that certainly improved further work.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UI/UX Designer at Wise People

Adaptation of a branding creation is a challenge that sometimes requires (as in this collaboration) more creativity on the part of the executive team. This is due, for example, to the need of taking into account the scaling of unusual shapes on different screens. From the beginning, the details of the project required a very close co-operation between the designer and the front-end developer. Below there are few selected examples of its effects.

The „hero” section is one of the key areas of a website, because it is the first content a user interacts with, when entering a homepage. The animated details are designed to intrigue the viewer and encourage a further use of the site which looks modern and original.

The animation, which first appears  on the homepage, employs a delicate movement of a tablet with the visualization of the software. The whole thing corresponds with the notions of the new visual identity, for example: the application of micro-animation of small polygons and irregular shapes.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UI/UX Designer at Wise People

The irregular shapes accompany the users of the site as they move through each section. However, variation does not exclude uniqueness, so the viewer should not feel bored or overwhelmed by the visuals.

Designing of different sections was a considerable challenge, due to the need of combining the assumptions of rebranding with the abundance of the substantive content provided by the client.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UI/UX Designer at Wise People

As a part of our cooperation with Nav24, we created a presentation of a unique tool for convenient documentation of production data.

The benefit of the proposed solution not only is intuitive use and multifunctionality, but also the form of presentation of the product on the website. The animation which shows the dynamic movement of the tablet focuses the viewer’s attention and allows them to imagine how the tool is operated in practice.

Piotr Strzembowicz, UI/UX Designer at Wise People

Implementing the project = the new face of Nav24

The work on coding of the site turned out to be a very dynamic process, in which Nav24 also remained an active party.

While working on the site for Nav24, we proved our flexibility. The client suggested changes to the structure of the site on an ongoing basis and thanks to good communication and relationship, a valuable result was achieved. We did not limit ourselves to mechanical execution of the original assumptions – on the contrary, the project was  “alive”, changing and developing in the right direction, until the desired form was achieved.

Paweł Czerwonik, Project Manager of Wise People

From a developer’s perspective, one of the most significant challenges was to maintain irregular, non-obvious shapes and providing full responsiveness.

Sites that are born out of branding and use a lot of details that combine usability and visual appeal, always require a high level of commitment from developers. In this project, we solved many potential problems – for example, with spacing, internal linking or navigation bar, not to mention optimal scaling of graphics with irregular, non-standard shape.

Sebastian Burzych, Front-End Developer at Wise People

A strong commitment to fine-tuning of the site has brought an additional benefit – very good page speed results. Although the site is modern and dynamic, it loads quickly and turns out to be intuitive to use (especially when considering the level of specialization that the viewer is dealing with).

The Nav24 team can modify the content on the site or add new sections at any time – they just use blocks prepared by us in the Gutenberg editor – one of the most convenient features of WordPress.

Sebastian Burzych, Front-End Developer at Wise People

A collaboration that is appreciated by both parties

In the end, Nav24 gained a completely new website, which expresses great quality and modernity with its form and content. Its focal point remains the offer, but numerous micro-interactions attractively present the spectrum of possibilities, the team or ways to get in touch for cooperation.

Our commitment can be observed, for example, by the initiative we came up with after the site was completed. Double-Check consisted of checking the compliance of Nav24’s submitted content with the developed design and the practices of good content marketing. It was well received and we gained confidence that we “delivered” the design we wanted to authorize.

Paweł Czerwonik, Project Manager of Wise People

Thanks to building a very good, professional relationship at every stage of this cooperation, Nav24 has gained a new site reflecting the brand value, and we – as Wise People – have increased the experience and once again have convinced ourselves that it is worth being a flexible, reliable and open partner.

As a recap, let’s give the floor to our client. Aleksandra Sekuła, Marketing Manager of Nav24, had a very important role in the whole process, which consisted of managing the project from the client’s side, providing requirements or verifying the work. How does she rate the cooperation with Wise People?

Great responsiveness, creativity and professionalism – I can describe our cooperation in these three words. The project we implemented together,  began to bring the expected results in a short time, so I sincerely recommend Wise People as a partner for cooperation.

Aleksandra Sekuła, Marketing Manager Nav24