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Wise People – tworzymy strony internetowe, które rozwiązują problemy

Infonet Projekt – How to show complex IT services in a simple way?


Experience is something. Communication is everything.

Although their business is still based on hard knowledge and the ability to solve unusual problems in the IT infrastructure, companies in the industry are increasingly reaching for online marketing and sales channels. Undoubtedly, one of them is the website.

Infonet Projekt S.A., a company with over twenty years of experience in running IT projects as well as delivery and configuration of equipment in enterprises of various sizes, turned to us with a problem that affects many technology companies. Their website:

  • presented only part of the company’s offer, which meant that the sales department could only sell selected services,
  • had an outdated design, which meant that the company’s image significantly differed from its standards and did not inspire deserved trust,
  • neglected a potential employee as a website user,
  • was not a source of obtaining and qualifying leads for the sales department.

In other words, the website did not support the sales department, and even hindered its work, because the account managers avoided the embarrassing subject of a website they did not identify with.

The task we faced was to design a new Infonet Project identity, a heart of which waas a website that:

  • Clearly navigates you through the services, products and IT solutions offered by Infonet Projekt.
  • Contains contact forms connected with CRM and containing appropriate marketing consents, thanks to which it enables you to contact and provides the company with information on how to qualify you.
  • From the visual side, it corresponds to both the business client and the potential employee.
  • Reflects the company’s considerable experience in implementing IT projects and building solutions for the industry.

We started the project with the intention of showing through the prism of Infonet Projekt’s identity that solid substantive experience can be reconciled with a light visual layer.

Thanks to this, we were supposed to encourage you to contact the company, and job candidates – to submit applications.


Process approach

Creating a brand’s visual communication is not a one-step journey, as is developing a structure and appropriate graphic design for a new website. There are no coincidences – there is a creative process of Wise People.

 In the case of Infonet Projekt, the key step was the decision to change the current logo to a more modern, technological and more graceful one to use on digital media. It was also then that the concept of brand lifting appeared, with the implementation of which we started step by step, or rather piece by piece, building a new identification of Infonet Projekt.

  • We started with the Discovery Workshop, during which we identified the client’s problems, defined goals and challenges, and outlined the most important features of target groups, on which the new website was to be based.
  • Then, we meticulously analyzed the client’s offer and proposed a maximally simplified information architecture. We have divided the offer into four groups:
    • IT solutions, i.e. selection and sale of IT equipment,
    • IT services based on the knowledge of engineering teams,
    • IT products, i.e. tools for running and managing IT projects designed and written by Infonet Projekt programmers. We have prepared a website dedicated to the OXARI project on the basis of a ready-made book of visual identification.
    • Service of enterprise-class infrastructure and office equipment.
  • We have prepared a moodboard, i.e. an inspiration board, to show the client visual projects in the style that we proposed for him. After accepting the style by the client, we could move on to designing the home page.
  • Our clients like to have a choice at every stage of the project, which is why in our process we present them with two different homepage visualization proposals. The one that the customer chooses is a determinant for the other subpages.
  • Designing other subpages as interactive views in Adobe XD. In the case of Infonet Projekt, we prepared the design of the entire website before handing it over to the programmers for coding.
  • Regular and frequent communication of the Product Consultant and Designer of Wise People with the client. The efficient information exchange process gave a sense of security to both parties. The client was ensured that we understood their needs and requirements, and we we sensed that we could react to feedback on an ongoing basis and deliver a product that the client was proud of.
  • Programming stage. After accepting the graphic design of the Infonet Projekt website, we proceeded to code the website in such a way that changing the content and creating new subpages in the future did not require programming knowledge from the administrator.

Refreshed Infonet Projekt website

The Wise People team has presented a new website that is rich in modern solutions both in terms of design and functionality.

  • Expressive typography and unusual accents of fuchsia and blue violet refresh the page while highlighting important elements.
  • Animations and micro-animations encourage interaction without obscuring the goal, which is the presentation of Infonet Projekt’s experience and portfolio.
  • A well-thought-out menu structure organizes services and products and allows you to easily find out in which areas Infonet Projekt supports its clients.
  • Easy access to the contact form from each service page gives you the opportunity to quickly contact the company. It also increases trust in the company and the belief in its customer-friendly approach.