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Neontri.com – is it possible to create a website in 30 days?

Creating an elaborate website is a process that stretches over weeks or even months. However, what if that time… is not available? The implementation of the site for Neontri proved that we are able to work at a rapid pace, without losing quality. And, although this case is only about the development service (not about complex branding or UX/UI design), we definitely want to share it!

Software for the most demanding clients

  • Neontri is a Polish software house with over 10 years of experience on the market and with international experience gained on 4 continents.
  • The reputation of the brand has been built by providing valued solutions for the sector of banking and FinTech.
  • The team specializes in comprehensive custom software service – starting from design, through implementation, ending up with support.
  • Neontri has executed projects for brands such as Visa, pwc, Decathlon, Huawei, Blik, CCC, Allegro and LPP, as well as banks: Credit Agricole, mBank, Aion, Bank Pocztowy, Pekao, Millenium and PKO BP.

A project named “I need it done yesterday”

This is one of those stories where a company, which provides advanced digital tools to customers, noticed that… they themselves were a company that was missing a proper exposure in the digital world. Neontri had a website, but it didn’t meet their expectations. They managed to prepare a design and find a company to implement it. However, this cooperation did not come to effect.

But at Neontri, somebody knew that there was a company like Wise People. A team that doesn’t mind working on a project that is “trimmed” and doesn’t include design or branding. A team that seeks solutions when complications arise – no matter how trivial it may sound.

30 days are, to put it mildly, not a lot of time to implement a website, especially when our programmers are piled up with tasks. On the other hand, we were in constant touch with the client, so our front-end developer Kuba was able to come up with ideas to solve some problematic issues immediately. That, in turn, accelerated the work, all of which resulted in delivering the project on time.

Katarzyna Balcerzak, Project Manager Wise People

An effect desired by both parties

The highlights of the new Neontri.com website are:

  • consistent, modern, distinctive design in bold colours,
  • fast and smooth response – despite the density of the content,
  • a character that corresponds to the international standards of the IT sector.

No unnecessary plug-ins, a specific plan of action, and a good contact with Neontri – that’s how I managed to create a complete site, while pursuing different projects. Among other things, I used the Alpine.js framework, which saves time, and works great where you don’t need the functionality of advanced frameworks such as React or Vue.

Jakub Topoliński, Front-End Developer at Wise People


Is it possible to create a website in 30 days? A website can be created and in 2 days. However, the question is: what results do you expect? In this particular case, we were provided with a well thought design, we estimated the project quickly, and finalized all the paperwork. The development process went effectively and smoothly thanks to the involvement of project managers on both sides. There were no unexpected obstacles, everything worked out perfectly.

This does not mean that every good website will be created in 30 days. Sometimes we need 90, sometimes 300. Let’s keep in mind that complex branding and UX/UI design are a demanding process, which is followed by web development.

But since we coded Neontri.com in 30 days we are happy to brag about this fact… :-).

As an IT service provider known in the financial sector, we have to take care of our image and present ourselves professionally. Having taken this factor under consideration, and with the prospect of entering foreign markets, we needed a new website like oxygen.  Wise People  kept every promise they made. The site is fast, consistent with the developed design, and tailored to our needs. We are eager to show it to the world!

Paweł Scheffler, Head of Marketing Neontri